Welcome to Cazenovia Neighborhood Library

Cazenovia Neighborhood Library
155 Cazenovia Street
Buffalo, NY 14210

(716) 821-0564

PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT a county library.  You will need to sign up for a Cazenovia Library Card for member services at this facility.  It’s FREE and open to the public.  Only cardholders in good standing will be allowed services.

To sign up you will need:  VALID  NYS Issued Photo ID and 2 pieces of current mail (example: Utility Bill, Insurance, Bank or other official current mail).     There is no charge for membership!  It’s FREE

FREE Membership!
FREE Membership!


OPEN: Tuesdays Noon to 4:00pm
OPEN: Wednesdays 4pm to 7:00pm 
OPEN: Thursdays Noon to 4:00pm
+ Watch for special additional hours.  We have been open some additional hours.  They will be posted here and at the Library!
Library OPEN Special hours Mon June 27th, 2016  Noon – 4pm

“NEW To Caz” DVDs and Blu-Rays


Thank you!!!

For a Successful Spring Clean 2016

Spring Cleanup
This Saturday + Rain Date 5/7 Spring Cleanup

Caz Kids Program – Ages 5-12

LEGO CLUB @ Caz Neigborhood Library

#LegoClub @ #Caz
#LegoClub @ #Caz CAZkidsMay16

MAY – Next Kids Programs:

NOTE: Caz Kids program for Kids 5-12

April 2016 Calendar Now available

April 2016

Spring Clean 2016 – April 30th 10am to noon

Spring Cleanup
Spring Cleanup

Lego Club – May 11  ~ 5pm to 6pm


More “New to Caz Books!

Cazenovia Neighborhood Library

Book Bag —->  $2.oo only! >> Donation

Donate $2.oo


  Food Drive / Cazenovia Neighborhood Library

Food Drive at Cazenovia Library

Happy 90th - Cazenovia Library





Cazenovia Neighborhood Library is 90!


Library OPEN Special hours Mon June 27th, 2016  Noon – 4pm

RED CROSS Blood Drive 

also RED CROSS Blood drive hours are 1pm – 6pm on 6/27/16


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